Southwest Microwave Launches SMKey Keyed Coax Connectors

October 14, 2015 – Tempe, Arizona – Southwest Microwave, Inc., a leading global supplier of high performance interconnect solutions, has announced the introduction of a new range of high-security SMKey 3.7 mm DC to 18 GHz Keyed Coax Connectors, which provide a failsafe mating solution for critical connections between mated connector pairs.

SMKey coaxial connectors are offered in 10 keyed combinations, each with uniquely polarized key positions. Each connector also includes one non-keyed (Universal) option.

“By assigning differing key positions for mating pairs within a set, SMKey connectors eliminate the risk of interconnect mismatch,” explained Holger Stuehrmann, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales. “This unique solution ensures reliable protection against the potential for operator error that could otherwise have devastating results in connection-critical applications.”

The SMKey product suite includes two field-replaceable keyed .500 square, four-hole flange jack connectors, including a right-angle flange jack, which both accept a 36-mil diameter launch pin. A keyed .625 x .350 two-hole flange jack that accept a 15-mil diameter pin is also available, along with a keyed direct solder cable connector plug, configured for .141 flex cable. Southwest Microwave can provide complete cable assemblies to simplify high-performance interface to and between the complete range of SMKey connectors.

Built in the USA to Southwest Microwave’s rigorous performance and quality standards, SMKey high- security keyed coaxial connectors are rugged and durable. Featuring a 360° raised grounding ring and a temperature range of -55°C to 165°C, these connectors provide mode-free operation through 18 GHz and offer well-matched impedance, excellent repeatability and the industry’s lowest VSWR, insertion loss and RF leakage.

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About Southwest Microwave, Inc. Since 1981, and earlier as the Connectors group of Omni Spectra®, Southwest Microwave has been providing a broad range of high-performance microwave connectors and adapters, currently available from DC to 110 GHz, for hi-rel / space, defense, instrumentation, integrated-circuit and PCB evaluation applications. Built in the USA to rigorous performance and quality standards, Southwest Microwave interconnect solutions offers the industry’s lowest VSWR, insertion loss and RF leakage.

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