October 4, 2022

Thank you to all those who visited Southwest Microwave at a very memorable European Microwave Week in Milan. We appreciated the great energy, questions, interest, and time discussing our high-performance Interconnect Solutions, which have the lowest VSWR, insertion loss, and RF leakage in the industry.

Several visitors expressed how much they loved our connectors for their performance, reliability, practicality, and flexibility. We always appreciate feedback from our customers and are interested in ways we can make our solutions work even better for you. There was great interest in our newest Supermini Board-to-Board (SSBB) solutions and ways that Southwest Microwave can optimize and simulate launch designs for optimal performance.

Our European business partners for Southwest Microwave products:

We hope you had a chance to create some great memories while in Milan and thank you for being part of ours. We hope to continue the conversations we started at the conference. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at the following events:



Technology Recap

Solderless Vertical Launch Compression-Mount PCB Connectors

To 110 GHz

  • Reusable and can be installed without soldering
  • Reduces board footprint without sacrificing performance
  • Suitable for various board materials and thicknesses

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SuperMini Board-to-Board (SSBB) Connectors

DC to 67 GHz

  • Achieves board-to-board spacing as close as 3 mm
  • Provides low mating / demating force for smooth bore (6 oz/ 6 oz) and detent (9 oz/ 12 oz)
  • Accommodates misalignment of up to 10 mils axial and +/- 10° radial with no performance degradation
  • Addresses the physical and performance limitations of standard SMP design

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End Launch Connectors

1 mm | 1.85 mm | 2.4 mm | 2.92 mm | SMA

  • Featuring narrow-body options for 1/3 less space
  • Unrivaled electrical and mechanical performance
  • Multiple launch configurations

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