* Recommended mating connector coupling nut torque is about one half of this amount.
Installation tool disclaimer:
Southwest Microwave Inc has been providing thread-in connector installation tools for many years and has observed the following conditions:  tool contamination and tool wear.
Tool contamination is the attachment of metal filings to the probe surface of the tool. During connector installation, these filings get embedded in the reference plane surface of the connector. The result is reduced friction on the tool to reference plane and the tool can turn causing score marks on the connector reference plane surface.
Although the tools are made of hardened tool steel, they do wear with use. Tool wear is the reshaping of the probe surface from a flat plane to being rounded. As above, the friction between the tool probe and the reference plane of the connector is reduced and during connector installation the tool probe turns against the reference plane and connector material is embedded onto the probe surface. The contamination as described above. As these are known conditions with this type of installation tooling, it is left to the operator to ensure that the installation tools are neither worn nor contaminated. Connector damage incurred by the use of worn or contaminated tools is not the responsibility of Southwest Microwave.
Tool No. Thread-In Connector Series Recommended Install  Torque Nominal
T-1420-1 2.40mm, 1.85mm 18 in-lbs *
T-1020-1 SMA, 2.92mm, 3.5mm 18 in-lbs *
T-120-1 SSMA 16 in-lbs *
T-53022-M2.5 0.9mm 12 in-oz *