About Southwest Microwave

Founded in 1981, Southwest Microwave’s initial products were perimeter intrusion detection systems and 23 GHz wireless CCTV transmission equipment. The Microwave Products Division (MPD) was established in 1987 to provide the highest performance interconnect products for millimeter wave and high-power RF applications. Today, Southwest Microwave has its own 50,000 sq. ft., modern facility with in-house RF/microwave and electrical test capabilities. We continue to focus on high-end products to increase end-product performance.


Southwest Microwave serves commercial, military and Space / Hi-Rel markets. Our high performance connectors are used worldwide in satellite communications, radar, defense systems and aerospace programs as well as for instrumentation, integrated-circuit and PCB test applications.

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Southwest Microwave has broad-ranging certifications to ensure strict compliance with national and global quality and regulatory standards.

*May not be applicable for custom orders requesting brass alloy housing material for cable connectors and assemblies.


In addition to standard testing, Southwest Microwave offers special hi-rel testing to meet critical SCD and DPA requirements. Stringent controls assure that all parameters are met. Test Department equipment includes multiple VNA/PNA to 67 GHz plus offsite capability to 110 GHz.