June 16, 2022 – Tempe, Arizona – Southwest Microwave, Inc., a leading global supplier of high-performance interconnect solutions, has announced the introduction of the SSBB Multi-Pin Board-to-Board Connector to resolve design challenges related to misalignment, number of engagements, insertion loss, VSWR and even board damage. The connector is freely configurable to meet PCB requirements and is available in surface- or edge-mount configurations.

Designed for Aerospace and Hi-REL applications with demanding production and test requirements, the SSBB Multi-Pin Board-to-Board Connector is ideal for phase array antennas and for design engineers / systems integrators who need to connect two boards together in a parallel or perpendicular way.

“Our SSBB technology allows a high number of connections due to its lowest-in-the-industry mating and de-mating forces,” Holger Stuehrmann, General Manager of Microwave Products Division at Southwest Microwave, explains, “And the great thing about our new connector assembly is that it supports the engineering need for miniaturization without sacrificing performance.”

He believes, “Not only should connectors have a low mating force, but they need to have a good connection to provide signal integrity. The design of the SSBB Multi-Pin Board-to-Board Connector allows axial as well as radial misalignment with 20dB return loss over the frequency range.”  “With our SSBB technology,” he continues, “we are able to overcome any design challenges by providing a custom solution for an off-the-shelf price.”

Excited about Southwest Microwave’s participation in the International Microwave Symposium exhibit at booth #4080 in June, Stuehrmann exclaims, “I look forward to sharing how our innovative SSBB Multi-Pin Board-to-Board Connector solves the challenges faced by most system designers and integrators on how to achieve a high number of connections board to board, with a light weight and compact footprint, within budget constraints, while achieving high performance over the bandwidth.”

Southwest Microwave provides customized support of board layouts and simulations (HFSS) with the new SSBB Multi-Pin Board-to-Board Connector at http://www.southwestmicrowave.com.


About Southwest Microwave
Established in 1981, Southwest Microwave, Inc. is a privately held Arizona, USA corporation owned and operated by engineers, including founding members of Omni Spectra®, inventors of the original precision SMA connector. In 1987, Southwest Microwave established the Microwave Products Division (MPD) and began manufacture of high-performance microwave connectors for millimeter wave applications. Southwest Microwave has a proven record of understanding microwave transitions and supplying the best-performing connectors in the industry.

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