SuperMini Board-to-Board Connectors
DC to 67 GHz

SuperMini Board-to-Board Connectors

SuperMini Board-to-Board solutions optimize interconnect performance for board-to-board stacking applications. These RF / millimeter wave blind-mate connectors maximize electrical performance of the transmission path between connector and circuit while accommodating axial misalignment of .010” and radial misalignment of +/- 10° via Southwest Microwave’s intelligent bullet and PCB receptacle designs.

Available bullets enable board-to-board spacing as close as 3 mm, assuring transmission line dependability for tightly stacked PCBs. Low mating insertion force allows for an increased density of interconnections per board. Unique bullet design enables extended mating and de-mating cycles.

Designed to optimize match to circuit for surface and thru-hole PCB mounting applications, SuperMini Board-to-Board connectors are available in smooth bore or detent style Vertical and End Launch jack configurations for stripline, microstrip and grounded co-planar circuit launch transitions. Additionally, smooth bore and detent style 4-hole flange SuperMini Board-to-Board jack to 2.92 mm (K) jack adapters are available.

  • Rugged and durable
  • High temperature
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Low VSWR
  • Low insertion loss