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Technical Articles

The Design and Test of Broadband Launches up to 50 GHz on Thin and Thick Substrates
Optimizing Test Boards for 50 GHz End Launch Connectors
Utilizing Time Domain (TDR) Test Methods For Maximizing Microwave Board Performance
SSBP High Performance Blind-Mate Millimeter Wave Coax Contacts in Standard Multi-Contact Connectors
Next Generation Interconnect Cabling
Pushing Board-to-Board Interconnect Performance

Data Sheets and Flyers

End Launch Connectors DC to 110 GHz Data Sheet
0.9 mm SuperMini DC to 67 GHz Data Sheet
0.9 mm SuperMini Flyer
1.0 mm (W) 110 GHz Connectors Data Sheet
Precision Adapters: DC to 110 GHz
SMKey 3.7 mm DC to 18GHz Keyed Coax Connectors
1.85 mm (V) DC to 67 GHz Connectors
SuperMini Board-to-Board DC to 67 GHz Connectors
Hi-Rel Connectors for Critical Applications
Corporate Flyer
End Launch Flyer
Field Replaceable Flyer